Blepharitis Treatments

There are many Blepharitis Treatments that will help to alleviate condition. After the initial diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe several different treatments for the condition.

The first thing the doctor is going to do is to check the eye and see what is going on. He or she will ask for a complete medical history.

This history should include allergies, whether or not the person wears contacts if the person has a previous history of the condition and so on.

The doctor may prescribe antibiotic drops for the eye and possibly, depending on the cause of the condition, steroid drops as well. These will work to help reduce the inflammation and remove the bacteria that are harboring the germs in the eye.

Other forms of treatment are to use heat to warm the eyelid and remove the crusting. This can cause the crusty bits to loosen and then the patient can gently remove them with a soft cloth.

The patient may also wish to use a Q-tip to remove some of the crusty matter from the corners of the eye. This may need to be done several times as day as the eye heals.

Always make sure that the eyelid isn’t being damaged when removing the crusty matter. In this fashion, the patient can help to restore the natural balance to the eye.

The patient may also find some relief from saline drops that will help to restore the natural salinity to the eye.

Other steps that patient may take are to remove contacts and avoid wearing them until the condition subsides. Additionally, the patient should make sure that they completely clean the contacts before returning them to the eye.

This can best be done by using the appropriate cleaning solution when the contacts are stored. Putting the contacts back into the eye without properly cleaning them can reinfect the eye.

Once the eyelid has been thoroughly cleaned, the patient can apply antibiotic ointment to the eyelid to help reduce further damage.

While annoying, rarely does blepharitis cause serious damage to the eye, the vision or the eyelid. Always follow the doctors advice in the recovery process.

When it comes to Blepharitis Treatment there are many things that the patient can do to help reduce and alleviate the symptoms. It’s going to take about a week for the symptoms to fully subside and for the patient to fully recover. The medications that the doctor prescribes should be used as long as the doctor states.